We are looking for an experienced development producer specialising in ambitious large scale games / challenges with a comedic edge. Fronted by a team of prolific digital creators known for setting each other challenges, the show will significantly amplify the entertainment value that their devoted audience have come to expect. The right candidate will be well versed in digital with the ability to harness the mischief and comedy of these creators; delivering challenges that provide a layer of wider purpose.  

For scale and tone, we’ll be looking for previous UK / US credits along the lines of shows including A League of Their Own, Race Across The World, Hunted, Taskmaster, Shipwrecked, Top Gear and Grand Tour. It’s crucial that these challenges resonate with audiences whose ‘go-to’ for content is high profile streaming platforms, so while previous TV credits such as the above are very much relevant to the role, so too is a solid passion and understanding of the digital landscape.

Duration: 4 weeks initially