1. 15 years of leading change in Talent acquisition solutions in UK TV Production is challenging, sometimes rewarding.
  2. 15 years of working with a significant number of very talented people at Indies and Broadcasters.
  3. 6 years prior in early stage, start up talent acquisition platforms. CVmatching (tm) KME/Smartmatching.
  4. Created one of the first UK natural language processing engines (search) to automate the accurate matching of similar documents or texts. (KME) in collab with Reuters News UK and Dunn and Bradstreet UK (2001-2002).
  5. Automatically processing and matching CV's to jobs and Visa-versa in 2002, we still believe a world first or close to it at that time.
  6. Streamlining sign up processes to recruitment and job board platforms in 2005-2006, from 20-40 minutes to 40-60 seconds, in over 2.5 million CVs. Reducing sign up drop offby over 50%
  7. Bringing together search, bi directional matching, processing, listing and applicant tracking in 2010-2016, still the learning and adapting in 2022.
  8. Positive, focused and possibly obsessed on improving what we do and how we do it, striving to create great things for great people and great companies.
  9. #followtheleader:)