Talentbases has been providing its services to the TV production industry since 2007. This means we’ve had 16 years of experience working directly with some of the best Broadcasters and TV Production companies, small and large. Pairing them up with the best Talent, experienced and those are just starting out.

Our aim has always been to get the most talented, diverse, and passionate people matched with companies to allow for creating fantastic content in a fast changing, content explosive world!

Smart tech paired with creative minds:

The talent system was underpinned by a 2001 created platform called KME (Knowledge Matching Engine) created in collaboration with Reuters News and Dunn and Bradstreet and others.

KME was a Natural Language Processing Engine (software solution) to allow documents and texts, structured and unstructured to be automatically “processed” and matched with similar documents. A highly complex system for its time.

A bi-product of KME called CVmatching was created in 2004 and tested in collaboration with Jobsite during ‘05/’06, at the time Jobsite was the largest job board in the UK. 

Early use:

Wall to Wall was the first of many from 2007-2011 to adopt the CVMatching system to create its own online, and in house ‘Talent Database Management solution’, other early partners that followed included Shed Media, Endemol, Shine, Optomen, NBC, Talkback Thames, Fremantle Media, Raw TV, Studio Lambert, All3 Media Group, The Garden TV, Two Four, Hat Trick TV amongst others, as well as broadcasters - BCC and C4.

Embracing collaboration:

A decision was taken in 2014 to combine nine of the production company’s and super-indie’s databases with the aim to aid the freelancer marketplace with a one-stop platform to apply for jobs across the industry - thus Talentbases was born. Still free, now more efficient and matching of the industry today. Talentbases is funded by TV industry companies paying to have access and use of the system every day - for the people, not the profit.

Talentbases launches:

Following 2016 a constant development and improvement strategy has been in place, putting back “profits” into the product development. Extra funds and development resources were injected in 2020 to create a Talentbases version 2 with a number of additional features produced in collaboration with our customers. 

Version 3 is expected in Q42 of 2024 with some very exciting developments; partnerships and initiatives, community spaces to link up, collaborate and learn together, and a raft of UI/UX changes - continuing the free for freelancer philosophy, with big changes being made to the platform for both freelancers and companies.

A big thank you:

A big thank you goes to all of the wonderful people who have worked with Talentbases to help make it the great product it is today. We are now excited to be working on V3 of Talentbases with the view to streamline existing features and add community focused and guided new features.