Our platform is dedicated to supporting freelancers and job applicants in creating and updating profiles, expressing interest in jobs, applying for positions, and promoting themselves to find work - all free of charge. We believe that people are more important than profit, and our mission is to deliver genuine opportunities for everyone in the industry, regardless of background or experience.

We are proud to be funded by contributions from the TV industry, indies, and broadcasters, which allows us to provide a level playing field for work opportunities, contracts, progression, training, events, news, and support across the industry. By collaborating together, we can explore and create great things, with great people, and help freelancers and companies alike to move forward with their aspirations and goals.

Jobs and Expressions of Interest (EOI)

With Talentbases, production companies can now create and post adverts for multiple roles weeks in advance across various websites, social media pages, and groups, as well as via email. Companies can then track expressions of interest from interested and available freelancers and add them to their Talentbases lists. Indies and broadcasters can join Talentbases to learn more and get started.

For Freelancers

With Talentbases you can safely store your CV and details and update whenever you need to, create your own original articles with images to get noticed faster, and apply for roles you feel match your aspirations. Our platform allows you to express your interest in any role for any project/production in advance so keep your details up and an eye on the jobs page.

For Companies

We understand that intelligent, simple, and accurate searching is crucial in finding good matches every time. That's why our platform is designed to help you understand what you want or need, search for it, find it, list it, and manage it in minutes, saving you hours of time.

Our platform is also available for indies, both small and large, to take a free guided trial and learn how to get the best from Talentbases. After the trial, if you want to continue, you can pay a fair contribution for your usage to help keep Talentbases running reliably, compliant, secure, and free for freelancers.

Talentbases is here to help you; search and track talent, build and organise work loads, contact, enquire and hire talent, as well as onboarding assistance and the ability to showcase and represent your brand. We believe that talent needs inclusivity, and we welcome all broadcasters to join us in our diversity mission - In-Kloo-Siv (click here to learn more!).

No price hikes are coming in the future because profit is not our priority - people are.